Certified and validated list of Peace Dojos

0001Still Point Aikido of Austin, TxRoss Robertson
0002Aikido in FredericksburgAviv Goldsmith
0003Two Rivers AikidoMark Leitzel
0004Aikido of Champlain ValleyBen Pincus
0005Burwell Aikido ClubQuentin Cooke
0006Aikido of ColumbusPaul Linden
0007Kimochi Aikido Dojo NamurChristian Vanhenten
0008St. Norbert Dojo, Meibukan Goju Assn.
Deo Namwira
0009Phoenix Ki Dojo
(centre de La Croix-Rouge, Yvoir)
Ali Matar
0010Shamokin Aikido KaiJack Richford

Other candidates or previous peace dojos

Will your dojo be the next Peace Dojo?

If your dojo is contributing for peace and reconciliation, contact us and be part of our network.

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