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    What did you do yesterday to create more peace around you ?
    What can you do today ?
    Please share here one small idea or action you plan to do today or would like to


    I do my best to stay aware of current events. I try to observe the flood of horror and sadness without allowing myself to become infected with it. This is an ongoing personal practice and discipline.

    I engage in discussions with anyone I can where cogent dialog is possible, and I try not to force it when it is not.

    Talk is not action, nor thought — but these are the precursors to action, and keeping up a willingness to engage in difficult problems is necessary. Without such contemplation and exchange, we will not be ready when opportunities arise.

    In English, the word “practice” means both the preparation for and the application of action. Every day, practice is necessary.

    Bill Leicht

    Today I assure a new friend, John, that Friends (Quakers from my Meeting) are visiting Bob and Netties, his mother, as the former is leaving life and she is distraught.

    An old friend, Frederick, Ss., called and I invited him to come see us again as Anne enters her eighties this fall. All humankind enjoys living as all approach dying. Now is now; let us stay connected.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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