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Aikido is well known as a martial art. But it is also a philosophy of life that can be applied in many different domains.

Morihei Ueshiba, the creator of aikido — also called O-Sensei — intended through the practice on the mat to bring about a revolution in our manner of living in the world and relating to others.

His statement, “aiki to wa ai nari,” can be translated as “Aiki is Love” or “Aiki is Harmony”.

Applied Aikido is dedicated to a more harmonious world and broaden our thinking far beyond the practice mats to influencing all domains in which humans operate.

How does a CEO create aiki? An educator? A therapist? An elite athlete? A construction worker? A chef? These questions have occupied many aikidoists in equal measure to physical practice on the mats.

Applied Aikido is about developping applications of aikido to daily living in the world. For more than 20 years, coaches, trainers, therapists, educators and teachers as well as peacemaking activits developped creative way to transpose the wisdom and physical practice of Aikido in their domain of expertise.

We now want to offer more visibility to these developments

Last Posts

Award ceremony at Phoenix peace dojo (Belgium)

Christian VanhentenMarch 21, 20191 min read

Last Tuesday I had the honor to present the Peace Dojo certificate to Ali Matar, dojo responsible for the Phoenix Aiki Dojo. This ceremony began by a little class and…

Happy New Year to all Peace dojos in the world

Christian VanhentenJanuary 2, 20191 min read

Let’s make this new year a year with more peace and better dialogue There are still plenty of potential peace dojos in the world. Let’s detect them and welcome them…

Peace Dojo project in a Belgium Red Cross refugee center

Christian VanhentenOctober 18, 20181 min read

Wonderful aikido session for the Red-Cross center for refugees in Belgium. Physical practice is a wonderful way to connect and when you add the aikido ethics you touch each participant…

Peace-making requires spiritual development

Christian VanhentenApril 1, 20181 min read

An inspiring interview  

Latest Activity

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