Last Tuesday I had the honor to present the Peace Dojo certificate to Ali Matar, dojo responsible for the Phoenix Aiki Dojo.

This ceremony began by a little class and was followed by a demonstration. It was really exciting to see the progress of the participants who were taking this demonstration in a very formal way.

Then I gave Ali the Peace Dojo certificate and we made a incredible serie of photos. All participants wanted to have a picture with it.

The dojo had prepared a nice buffet and some drinks.

Everybody was honored by this certificate. It represents a very strong encouragement to continue along this project that aims to restore self-confidence and help the residents of the refugee center of the Red Cross to rebuild a new life after the dramas and difficult life conditions they endured in their country of origin.

That’s why Ali choosed the Phoenix as symbol for this Dojo, as a place to help the residents to be reborn from the ashes of what they endured.

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