Applying to become a Peace Dojo

The Center for Movement Arts/Shamokin Aikido Kai (TCMA) recently undertook the process of applying for recognition as a Peace Dojo through the Peace Dojo International Organization (PDI). The process involved creating a document/ letter of introduction explaining the work/practice at TCMA to board members of PDI .

I initially modeled our introductory letter on the letter from our sponsor, Christian VanHenten and his Dojo in Namur, Belgium. As I collected information and products for my portfolio, I discovered a more dynamic and advanced platform used by teachers, photographers, and artists of various disciplines called an eportfolio.

The eportfolio is a private electronic space where you can create, collect, reflect on, organize, and, if you choose, share your work and experiences with others and solicit feedback. Your ePortfolio can include a variety of file types, including text documents, audio, videos, images, and webpages.” (University of Waterloo, CA)(link). A search of the internet will provide a variety of academic sites and examples.

There are any number of FREE website building platforms for this purpose. I located a FREE website builder called WEEBLY. This site provide templates for completing and publishing my project. You can view the final product here:

As PDI expands it’s membership and invites other organizations to join in its mission, utilizing the technology provided in an eportfolio might help to facilitate the process. Additionally, it will surely save a lot of trees.

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