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Eleven years ago my wife, Judith, son Sam, and several students went to Ethiopia where we met Tesfaye Tekelu and led Aikido classes as one of a long line of teachers who came to advance his training. Since that time he has started four more schools, developed programs within the Ethiopian school system, and opened, The Institute for Social Advancement to teach alternative ways of dealing with conflict.

I’m heading to Ethiopia in November as part of a team of international trainers to share Aikido and conflict resolution skills with young Africans from Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, and Djibouti. This conference will also bring respected East African elders to share their wisdom and ancient traditions in resolving conflict. This conference will serve as an unprecedented cultural exchange and collaboration for peace and provide a unique stage that brings together African tools and approaches to leadership and conflict resolution with Western and Asian practices and perspectives.

Aikido is a modern Japanese martial way developed in the 1930’s by Morihei Ueshiba who developed it as an art of peace, “a way to reconcile the world.”

This is a time for reconciliation near and far!

To help raise funds to support the attendance and participation of 100% of the African attendees along with some of my own travel expenses I have crafted a handmade pin as a thank you for those who help by donating 60 dollars or more.

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All donations are so appreciated.

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