Dr. Linden Pushes StudentBody-Based Conflict Transformation Workshop” 3-5 March 2017 at the Watershed Center (Millerton, NY 12546) will introduce Paul Linden‘s somatic exercises for self-regulation under stress to community activists and peace builders (as well as martial artists). To clarify his purpose Paul, Ss. paraphrases Dr. King’s motto, “Love without Power is weakness; Power without Love is brutality.” Through perceptual, physical, verbal and imaginative experiences participants learn how to take charge of their challenges gently, powerfully and lovingly.Dr. Linden is a founding member of both Aiki Extensions, Inc. and its Peace Dojos Intl. team. His Aikido of Columbus has represented aikido in Ohio for decades. His recent aiki seminars have been in Europe, the Middle East and South America (plus Columbus, OH). This is the first on the East Coast of the USA.

Apply for this seminar on its Watershed Program page by scrolling down to the “Participant Application” form at the bottom. (Registrations are limited to twenty eight.)

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