Urban Visions gave an I-Key Miniworkshop,” (somatic nonviolence) on the final day of International Aiki Peace Week 9/22/2013, Twenty two people gathered at the World Peace Sanctuary, Wassaic, NY, from nearby areas and the Bronx and Brooklyn. This event launched the Watershed Peace Dojo.

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munity farming, community organizing, a Wall Street financial professional and Occupy Wall Street, plus four Quaker facilitators from the Alternatives to Violence Project (“AVP”) attended the six hour I-Key Miniworkshop; none were aikidoists. The co-directors of the Watershed Center who participated, however, had been students of
Richard Heckler, Ss at the Strozzi Institute (already themselves being professional organizers and business people).
Our host, the  World Peace Prayer Society, previously helped PDI members Aviv Goldsmith and Andrés Proaño through its Peace Pole project. Fumi Johns Stewart, Executive Director and Ann Marie Robustelli, local director (also a participant), have asked Urban Visions to hold more I-Key Workshops and also have invited the Alternatives to Violence Project to hold its workshops in their beautiful World Peace Sanctuary.

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